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Favey is an app where users can easily share movie ( or movie series ) lists with friends. It uses IMDb movie database and phone contact list.

Favey screenshots - see how app looks like. Watch and share your favaourite Movies & TV Shows
Slingshot Screenshots App
Slingshot Logo App

Food delivery application. It has features like registration, login, making orders, location, delivery status, payments..

Cam 2 Map logo

Import photos and add a location to them by a QR code. Share your photos with QR code with your friends. 

Cam 2 Map Screenshoots App
Meet in Real Screenshots App
meet in real logo

Web portal panel that lets businesses create sponsored places. Recurring payments processing. 

Pasttale logo

A social app that lets users share stories and monetize them. 

Pasttale Screenshots App
Prograd Screenshots App
Prograd Logo

Credit banking loan app for students. It uses UK Open Banking API.

Nashville Nights Logo

Dating / Social app that lets you meet new people in your area. 

Nashville Nights Screenshots App
Trash Cycle Screenshots App
trashcycle logo

An app that supports trash segregation and recycling.